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Imbedding Map from Strava Activity

Mike Jamison

Hey Everyone ... Can anyone give me a quick walk through on how to imbed a map from a Strava activity into a journal page? I believe that process was mentioned many moons ago in the forums but I can't find the step-by-step on it. I know the first step is to click the globe icon mentioned in the blue "Did You Know" comment box, but then I'm lost .... I have tried copying and pasting the specific URL of the activity into the globe icon's text box, but when I do so I get this error message: "Embedding code must include the <iframe> tag. The code you provided is missing this tag" Can a kind soul out there coach me on this please? Thanks!!

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1 week ago
Jeff LeeTo Mike Jamison

The following is how I do it, from the Strava website (not the mobile app. I don't think I have done that before.)

1. Go to your activity on Strava.

2. Click on the "Embed on Blog" icon near the upper right of the page.

3. An "Embed on Blog" dialog box will appear.

4. Copy (Ctrl-C, on Windows anyway), the entire contents of that box.

5. In CycleBlaze, click on the "Globe" icon. A dialog will appear where you can paste the "embedding code" that you just copied from Strava.

6. Paste (Ctrl-V, on Windows) the text you copied from Strava.

The following Strava screenshot shows where the "Embed on Blog" icon is, and what the "Embed on Blog" dialog looks like.

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1 week ago
Mike JamisonTo Jeff Lee

AHA!!! Thanks Jeff. 

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1 week ago