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Skinny-dipping cyclists

Leo Woodland

Seeing the picture of Wayne wallowing happily in a hot-spring pool, I wondered how many other skinny-dipping cyclists there are. I'm one and I suspect there are others.

Journals sometimes speak of finding a naturist beach and hurrying on, even once of "accidentally" stopping at a naturist campground. But who hasn't run away? Who's joined in?

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2 weeks ago
Edward HitchcockTo Leo Woodland

Hello Leo

I thought of you last night as I passed the night at the Camping in Moissac - not far from chez vous.   Skinny dipping is seemingly limited in these parts by the "Baignade Interdit" signs.

Rather than skinny dipping, I've been learning abot the pleasures of tubeless tyres. I've fitted some but the were a real challenge to fit.  Perversely I decided to fit them first with tubes.  During my present trip from Bordeaux to Laguepie, I had some problems with  a pinched tube developing flats.  My skills at mounting tyres have improved, I hope well enough.  Clue: inflate the new tube to about  bar before fitting the tyre around it.  And be patient...

For me it is a warning that tubeless ready tyres are harder to deal with than others (as well as being more expensive than tubed versions).  Fewer flats perhaps, but those that you do have may be harder to fix.   Is it fair, or have I unwisely fallen between two stools.

Now a week in the hills and gorges near Laguepie.

Best wishes


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2 weeks ago
Wayne EstesTo Leo Woodland

Leo, the problem with naturist beaches during a bike tour is that I already get too much sun while cycling. I would want a SHADY naturist beach.

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2 weeks ago
Graham SmithTo Leo Woodland

Léo I have just finished a 3800km cycle tour not quite across Australia, and I can honestly say that skinny dipping did not enter my mind once. For almost one 1600 km stretch of riding, I did not see enough water to dip a toe in.
Across The Nullabor there is not only no water capable of safely immersing a skinny dipping human, there are no trees to hang clothes on  while the dipping is underway. It was 1200km between washing machines so perhaps skinny-riding would be more practical in this arid corner of the globe.

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1 week ago