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From Autumn in the Allgäu by Suzanne Gibson

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Suzanne Gibson commented on Day 4: To Isny

Hi Carolyn! Thanks for following along! Glad you enjoyed my journals. Yes, that is a predicament for you to tour on e-bikes in Europe. I think the Grahams found an excellent solution. Buying bikes here and putting them in storage is an investment but seems well worth it - now if they only could get back to Europe! Buying e-bikes and them selling them at the end of the tour might also be worth considerig. As far as taking e-bikes on trains - we avoid it whenever possible. It might be more feasible for younger cyclists but for us stairs and hanging the heavy bikes on hooks is intimidating and only works if there are helpful souls around. That is usually the case but we go through some anxiety pior to a train trip. Fortunately we can take our bikes on our car bike rack. There are also problems involved when driving to your sarting point by car, but more easily managed than trains. From what I have read, folders are just as comfortable as regular bikes, you basically can have the same sitting position and the 20" wheels just need a bit of getting used to. There are many cyclists here on CycleBlaze who do extensive touring on Bike Fridays. They aren't much lighter than regular bikes, though. You might also want to read the most recent journal by "The Grampies" where Steve discusses converting Bike Fridays to e-bikes. It's very interesting. I am afraid I don't really have any good recommendations for bike shops. As elsewhere, in Germany there has been a bicycle boom and we have a hard time getting appointments for service. I can only recommend that you make contact by way of Internet, find a place that speaks English and is willing to help you. I don't know if this was much help. I wish you lots of luck and hope you find a solution that works for you! Suzanne

1 month ago
Carolyn van Hoeve commented on Day 4: To Isny

Hi Suzanne! Enjoying following your tours, and as many others have commented so envious you have all of Europe at your doorstep.
I also love following the inspirational Anderson's and have been very much enjoying keeping up on their current tour.
My husband & I live in NZ and are biting at the bit to get back to Europe to do some touring. We own e-bikes here and now wouldn't consider anything else. We rented e-bikes in Andalucia and Puglia for some touring but they weren't ideal and ended up having distance anxiety with batteries that were unreliable. Next time we would like to purchase our own bikes, the problem being what to do with them at the end. Tricia Graham had the great idea of using a storage unit as we plan to do this on a regular basis and this still seems to be the best option. I researched taking our own bikes but renting batteries doesn't seem easy, buying new ones is expensive and shipping batteries from here sounds complicated and expensive.
The other thing we struggled with was getting our e-bikes onto trains quickly and then having to heave them into the upright storage positions they have on the trains. How do you manage with that? We are thinking we should perhaps looking at folders that would make it easier to travel with but not sure how comfortable they are for long distance touring.
Do you have any good advise to offer and also bike shops you could recommend. We are thinking we would love to start our tour in Germany and follow a similar itinerary to the Andersons tour.
Kind Regards

1 month ago
Suzanne Gibson replied to a comment by Nancy Graham on Day 4: To Isny

Thanks, Nancy! Yes, it is so good to have things close by. We are spoiled.

1 month ago
Nancy Graham commented on Day 4: To Isny

Love the cows, love the views, am a bit envious of those wonderful places to tour so near you. A bonus to have the weather stay fairly good for you tour.

1 month ago
Suzanne Gibson replied to a comment by Keith Klein on Day 4: To Isny

Gerne geschehen, Keith! Es freut mich, dass es dir gefallen hat. Toll, dass du noch soviel Deutsch kannst! Schöne Grüße!

1 month ago
Keith Klein commented on Day 4: To Isny

Gruss Gott!

Vielen schoenen Dank fur uns zum mitbringen auf seine Tour. Die Ansichten ausgezeichneten war.
And thanks for letting me practice my German with you. It’s been many years since I’ve lived in Germany, and much longer still since I learned the language in my family home , so forgive my errors. I’ll be waiting for your next tour, even if you only go out your front door in beautiful Bayern.
Mit vielen herzlichen Gruss zum Hause,

1 month ago
Suzanne Gibson replied to a comment by Tricia Graham on Day 4: To Isny

If the warmer parts were just a bit closer...

1 month ago
Suzanne Gibson replied to a comment by Scott Anderson on Day 4: To Isny

Kind of a big hop. But maybe Emilia-Romagna in early spring.

1 month ago
Tricia Graham commented on Day 4: To Isny

Italy sounds a wonderful idea!!

1 month ago
Scott Anderson replied to a comment by Suzanne Gibson on Day 4: To Isny

Certainly not. That would be very presumptuous. Mostly I’m just expressing envy at living in a place where, if you wanted to, you could just hop on down to Puglia for a midwinter break.

1 month ago
Suzanne Gibson replied to a comment by Scott Anderson on Day 4: To Isny

Are you daring us?

1 month ago
Scott Anderson commented on Day 4: To Isny

I certainly hope no one goads you into going out again this fall. It’s definitely getting too cold up there. Unless of course you drove down to Italy.

1 month ago
Scott Anderson commented on a photo in Day 4: To Isny

I keep forgetting. What’s your favorite animal?

1 month ago
Suzanne Gibson replied to a comment by Rachael Anderson on a photo in Day 4: To Isny

It was a great view - so glad the sun came out!

1 month ago
Rachael Anderson commented on a photo in Day 4: To Isny

Wow! What a beautiful place. So glad you didn’t have fog!

1 month ago