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From Wandering in Puglia by Bob Koreis

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Bob Koreis commented on Trani - Gravina di Puglia

Fortunately ours didn’t last too long and we were able to get under some cover. During our Matera tour, the guide pointed out the street that had once been a stream/open sewer and how now when there are heavy rains the street floods and empties through breaks in a wall around the piazza at the bottom.

11 hours ago
Keith Adams commented on Trani - Gravina di Puglia

We got caught in a monumental downpour on our Puglia trip several years ago. When we entered whatever town we were headed for the stone streets and 4 inch high curbs formed miniature rivers, and they were rampaging! We were really glad to be wearing sandals without socks.

18 hours ago
Bob Koreis replied to a comment by Scott Anderson on A Side Trip To Bari

Thanks. My brother only has an old mountain bike, so we decided to try this option.

4 days ago
Scott Anderson commented on A Side Trip To Bari

Good luck with the bike. We’ve never tried a rental.

4 days ago
Scott Anderson commented on a photo in Train to Trani

Such a beautiful bike. And with that bottle opener you know it’s a real Rodriguez!

5 days ago
Bob Koreis commented on SeaTac to Bologna

If I could choose anywhere in Europe to settle, it would be a strong contender. Train hub, the university, amazing food, and beauty.

1 week ago
Scott Anderson commented on SeaTac to Bologna

You’re making me miss Bologna.

1 week ago