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February 26, 2021

Getting ready

Actually, we have been getting ready for a whole year.  It has been a blessing during the pandemic to have a goal and an actual plan!  We flew to San Diego today (our first flight in over a year).  FYI for cyclists who fly with bikes and tools...TSA will not allow any tool over 7 inches long in your carry-on (who knew a torque wrench was so dangerous?) 

We spent the afternoon putting our tandem together.

From two bike cases
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Working in the hotel courtyard
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Carole BausellIt reminds me of a walking stick bug!
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1 month ago
Not quite done...
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Carole BausellYou guys should be followed by media; you are so cute (and fit and courageous and fun)!
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1 month ago
We're a team
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Tomorrow we'll go for a shakedown ride and get acquainted with the 4 other riders on this trip.   FG

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Scott AndersonReally a winning set of photos seeing you assemble together. Looking forward to following along.
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1 month ago
Jeanna & Kerry SmithNothing says "team" like "tandem"! Enjoy the ride.
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1 month ago