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July 30, 2019

Cycle Gloves

What are short finger cycle gloves for, anyway? Not to keep your fingers warm, of course. Extra padding for holding onto the handlebar? Maybe.  But the main reason became obvious last time we took the kids out on an excursion. We were cruising along the gravelled Lochside Trail - slowly, normally, when suddenly Violet just went flying on the gravel. She put her hands out to brace her fall, and peeled the skin off on the right. 

That was the start of what has become a famous family story. It's because we were in the bike shop the night before, looking at cycle gloves. Violet already had gloves, but they were home in Seattle. Buy new ones for just the one day? Nah, said Mr. cheapskate.

So here we are again, ready to set off on just two days of training rides. And where are the gloves? Right. Home in Seattle, hard to reach, in storage. This time the kids not only insisted on gloves, but they requested this special page on gloves.

In the bike shop, another father was looking at gloves. Go for it, I advised. $17 is cheap to protect your child's hands. "Yeah right", he humoured me.

He'll be back!

Violet is taking no chances.
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Jacquie GaudetI gave my younger son my gloves after just such an experience on the Galloping Goose when he was 10. We took our boys backpacking later that same month and he should have been wearing them then, too.
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