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April 9, 2021

Day 54: Mount Larcom to Rockhampton

Start: 7:15am
Distance: 85kms
Ride time: 5:10hrs
Average: 16km/hr
Max: 44km/hr 
Finish: 3:35pm

I slept reasonably well during the night. There were no trains and the highway traffic was light.

There was a nice clear sky this morning.
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Crossing Raglan Creek.
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There were more roadworks today. The first one was poorly managed and the worker didn't help me at all.

The worker at the next one stopped the traffic at both ends so I could pass through safely. Very obliging. 

The highway is next to the railway tracks. Throughout the day, I saw 4 trains heading south and 4 heading north. They all had the same configuration as the trains from yesterday. 

A roadworker told me they are moving coal from Blackwater to Gladstone. 

The temperature was hot. I stopped at the Marmor servo for morning tea and enjoyed the aircon for 30 minutes. 

As it was hot, I planned to top up my water here but I forgot. I should have enough for the day yet I don't like it to run low.

The next town Bajool, had no shops. 

I filled up my water bottles at this little church from a rain water tank out the back.
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I had a nice view of some hills on my left.
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I received several waves and toots of support today. It really makes a big difference to my morale especially on hot days.

These storm clouds appeared as I got close to Rockhampton. I was a little worried and then they dissipated just as quickly as they had arrived.
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Crossing Scrubby Creek.
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After a long, hot and tiring day, I made it to Rocky.
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I took a short bicycle path along Yeppen Yeppen Lagoon and Murray Lagoon to take me to the botanical gardens.
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My legs were tired so I walked slowly around the gardens. There were lots of open spaces, good for picnics. 

This is a stand of QLD Kauri Pines.
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Some public interaction with a Wamin Bamboo.
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A Lobster Claw Two flower.
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Riding down into Rocky.
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I stopped by a supermarket for supplies.

And saw Tamere, the cycle tourist I met a few days ago.
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He must be doing some big kms to catch me so quickly as he had a couple days off the bike to surf.

We only spoke for a minute as he was in a rush. He is holding a can of baked beans which he just drank. 

Gross. He's tougher than I am.

Maybe we'll meet again on the road.

I did my shopping and then checked into the Riverside Tourist Park. 

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Crossing the Fitzroy River on the way to get dinner.
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I'm eating like an Indian king tonight. (With a non-alcoholic beer.)
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A great way to finish off a big day.

Today's ride: 85 km (53 miles)
Total: 2,575 km (1,599 miles)

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