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April 1, 2021

Day 46: Hervey Bay to Childers

Start: 7:20am
Distance: 75kms
Ride time: 4:17hrs
Average: 18km/hr
Max: 47km/hr 
Finish: 3pm

It felt good to be back on the bike for another day after having a few days off.

I followed some bike paths on my way out of Hervey Bay.
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I took some back roads including a few kms of dirt.
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And crossed a muddy river.
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After 30kms, I was on the Bruce Highway.
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There was a steady flow of traffic. I didn't mind that because I had a nice shoulder. And at this time, I had a good tailwind. 

I stopped in a town called Howard for a salad roll for first lunch. A funny name for a town.

Best creek sign yet.
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It was great having a tailwind. I think it's the best tailwind of the trip so far. The road surface was mostly smooth. At times I was cruising along at 30km/hr. That is absolutely flying for me.

I visited the Snakes Downunder Reptile Park and Zoo for $25. It was a few kms before the town of Childers. 

It was a good chance for me to see some snakes that I may encounter on this trip in a safe environment. 

All these snakes could easily kill a human. Only the brave and courageous cyclists can tour in this land.

Inland taipan.
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Inland taipan.

Tiger snake.
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Tiger snake.

Death adder.
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Veronica JoinerLove the pattern on this one. Looks like it has been knitted
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1 month ago

Death adder.

There were more deadly snakes on display. I only took pics of the pretty ones.

This is an Eastern water dragon.
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I've seen about 50 of these pretty lizards on this trip. Always next to rivers. They are shy and I haven't been able to photograph one until now. They are good swimmers too.

This is Meunga, a small 4 metre salty.
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I find crocodiles interesting to look at. I hope I see many more of them in the wild on this trip. (Except for when I have to get water from creeks, or cross them, or camp near them.)

This is Cooch, a very tough looking and muscly Red Kangaroo.
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Red kangaroo.

I was at the zoo at 2pm and they close at 3pm. I think I was the only visitor there. The staff were very nice and friendly. 

Unfortunately, I missed seeing the koalas. I was excited to see them but I must have gotten distracted by all of the other animals.

Just before I left they fed the freshies (fresh water crocodiles). They are the friendly ones. The staff were using clickers to train them, the same way some people train dogs. These were young freshies so they hadn't learned any tricks yet.

Tonight I'm staying about 5kms from Childers at Childers Nature Camp.

I think this is a new camp ground. The staff are very friendly. A new office and a camp kitchen is under construction. The toilets and showers are portable type ones. It's a huge area, maybe 8 acres.

The lady said: "camp anywhere you like." I like that kinda attitude. 
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I chose a spot next to a table and umbrella. I am living like a king! $12!
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It's very quiet in this park. It's away from the highway so there's no traffic noise. Only the sounds of birds.

There is a small amount of phone reception. Enough for texts but not enough to do my journal. 

Today's ride: 75 km (47 miles)
Total: 2,169 km (1,347 miles)

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