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May 28, 2021

Day 50 - In Montezuma

We did some exploring in Montezuma today.  It is an attractive small town with very friendly residents and a busy downtown.  If it only had Florida weather, we would enjoy living here :-)

The first wind farm in Kansas was established here in 2001.  NextEra Energy has an information display at the farm.

This panel is at least as interesting to cyclists as it is to those who want to know more about wind energy. If you zoom in a little, you can see the average wind speeds throughout the US.
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Facts about this 170 turbine wind farm
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How it works - for those we are really interested.
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Where's Kerry?
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After the wind farm, we went back to RANS and enjoyed some pizza (thanks, Kara!) and talked about the new things coming for RANS.  Recumbent enthusiasts and those who are thinking about becoming recumbent enthusiasts, stay tuned.  Good things are happening.

We visited the Stauth Museum this afternoon.  Claude and Donalda (Donnie) Stauth were local residents who traveled extensively, visiting 95 countries on six continents.  They collected many artifacts and souvenirs from around the world.  Upon their  deaths, the entire collection was donated to establish the Stauth Museum.

Donnie and Claude Stauth
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Claude became a part-time travel agent to get the benefits travel agents enjoy. This is his office. The map on the wall has yarn strung for every trip they took between 1941 and 1979 (Claude's death).
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Australia - kangaroo hide, boomerangs, spear
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Papua New Guinea - carved walking sticks, bowl, crocodiles
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Central Africa - wood carvings
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Most of the collection was arranged geographically, but there was a display of international musical instruments.

This is a traditional Russian balalaika from Ukraine. (Especially for my Ukrainian friend, Viktoriya)
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I should have gotten more information to post with these.  All I remember is that they were flutes from around the world.

Flutes from around the world
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It has been very nice taking a short break here with friends in Montezuma.  Tomorrow we'll be back on the road to Garden City, KS.

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Mike ObermeyerThanks for sharing all the photos and comments from Montezuma!!!!
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