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April 10, 2021

Day 2 - Chiefland to High Springs

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We started out on the Nature Coast Trail leaving Chiefland.  This is a rail trail we usually ride two or three times a year.  It is very green, very flat and pretty smooth.  The trail heads north from Chiefland for nine miles and then makes a "Y".  The right fork crosses  the Suwannee River and ends in Cross City and the left  fork goes to the town of Trenton.  That is the way we went today.

The Nature Coast Trail
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The classic "tree tunnel". The first time we rode this trail, we thought we were approaching an actual tunnel.
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We stopped at a McDonald's in Trenton for lunch.  They had made both of our sandwiches incorrectly, so we had to go back in to get them fixed, then there were no outdoor tables, so we had to eat sitting on the curb.   Not the best lunch ever.

The clouds started getting thicker after lunch, but we knew we had plenty of time to get to the motel where we would meet up with our friends.  We arrived about 2:00.  By 3:00, it was looking very stormy and we started hearing thunder.  Ken and Francie and the rest of their group got in just before the thunderstorm hit.  It was great to see Ken and Francie again.  They look great after their cross country trip.  We talked on the covered walkway until the rain got hard enough to drive us back into our rooms. There was some very close lightning and the power at the motel went out.  Since it was daylight and not hot, it wasn't really a problem.  Once the rain stopped, we went out and met some folks from the group.  One of the people we met was Tom, who is a guide for the tour.  We talked about our previous bike tours and discovered that we had met Tom and his wife Jane in Ohio last summer!  

Tom and Jane, North Baltimore, OH, September 2, 2020
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Tom - from the small world of bike touring - High Springs, FL, April 10, 2021
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Dennis, the leader from Cycle of Life Adventures, invited us to join the group for dinner.  It was great fun and the food was excellent.  We really appreciate Dennis including us.

When we returned to the motel after dinner, power had been restored, so all is well.

Tomorrow we will ride with the group to Palatka.  (Or, we will follow the group to Palatka.  Their average speed is more than we can manage on a recumbent tandem.  It's probably more than we could manage on any tandem, but let's blame the bike, not the riders.)

Today's ride: 44 miles (71 km)
Total: 97 miles (156 km)

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