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May 3, 2019

Day 9 Savannah, GA


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Last night we stayed in an old motel that I hope will be the worst place of our trip.  It wasn't terrible, but not someplace we's stay again.  The online reviews were very positive, but I think the owner must have had his friends all write reviews!  

We were happy to get on the road this morning and left about 8:30 - pretty early for us.  The rain chances had decreased overnight and I was hopeful we would stay dry.  That was not to be.

Our first stop was at a roadside attraction billed as "The Smallest Church in America".   It is a church and it is small.

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We have seen many log trucks the past three days.  There are a number of paper mills in this area.  Most of the trucks have given us plenty of room.  Our previous experience with log trucks has been less positive, so we've been happy to see more courteous drivers.  I got "before and after" pictures of the pine forests.

The trees are replanted after logging.
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In my signs post, I didn't get this one.  I like that Georgia has this sign before almost every two lane, no shoulder bridge.

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We had two of those fun "small world" encounters today.

In the little town of Midway, we saw the Midway Museum and decided to stop.  It interprets the town's colonial history.  We got a great tour from Kitty.  Pictures weren't allowed so I've added this photo of Kitty.  We learned that Kitty is from my hometown of Charlotte, NC and grew up in a neighborhood close to mine.  Also, she and her husband lived in Ayer, MA while her husband was stationed at Ft. Devens, as Kerry and I did as well.

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I mentioned yesterday that we talked at lunch with a couple from San Diego who were also going to Savannah.  We were stopped at a traffic light this morning when the passenger in the car next to us rolled down the window and said hello.  It was that couple.

They had a much drier ride to Savannah than we did.  It started to rain just as we left the museum in Midway.  We had rain from light sprinkles to a real downpour on and off for the last 25 miles.  At least it wasn't cold.  We made it to our hotel about 3:30 and have everything cleaned up and drying.  We'll be here for three nights, visiting with friends and sightseeing.  Jeanna

Guess what I like to drink. Guess what was out of order!
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Keith A. SpanglerSo cool about the "roll down the window" couple
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1 year ago

I knew it was going to be a bad day as soon as we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast.  

Actually, the ride from Eulonia to Midway was pretty pleasant.  

At the Midway Museum, I learned that the  following things were outlawed when Georgia was first established as a colony in 1732:

  1. Lawyers
  2. Owning more than 500 acres of land
  3. Alcohol
  4. Catholics and Jews
  5. Slavery

(However, soon after the colony was established,  all of the above were  allowed.)

After we left the museum things really went downhill.  We hadn't ridden a half mile before we got caught in our 1st downpour of the afternoon.  Even if we hadn't got caught in the downpours, a good portion of the ride between Midway and Savannah  would have been unpleasant due to the way the rumble strips were cut into the shoulder.  If only traffic engineers were cyclists!!

This photo is from last years journal. For several miles north of Midway, we had something similar. Because of the heavy traffic on US-17 we had to stay to the right of the white line and try to ride the narrow portion without the rumble strips during a heavy downpour. It was not fun!
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Keith A. SpanglerRumbles ~ be careful for sure. A friend of mine crashed on our recent tour to Bethany Beach. He crossed over an elevated (2") section of asphalt and crashed. The pavement wasn't matched when widened so...the 2" elevation change. It was extremely hard to see too.
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1 year ago

Finally, I don't care what the product description states, waterproof jackets aren't! 


Today's ride: 55 miles (89 km)
Total: 389 miles (626 km)

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