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May 1, 2019

Day 7 Brunswick, GA

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Our view of the ocean streak continues as we got a brief sight of the ocean leaving our hotel this morning.  That takes us to 5 days.

I had been concerned about a five mile stretch of construction on FL 200 coming into Yulee this morning.  All the reports I'd read said it was a difficult and scary ride.  We were lucky.  The drivers  were  patient and polite.  There were two lanes each way.  We took  a lane and every vehicle waited until they could move over and pass us safely.  

There were no points of interest to see today, so I ended up with mostly pictures of signs.  Kerry thought this STOP sign just before the track ends was amusing.  The track is no longer connected to the trestle and he figured if a train hadn't stopped by then, it was a little too late.

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Keith A. SpanglerGood news on the traffic being kind!
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1 year ago

Just before we got to Georgia, we saw all these motorcycles parked on the other side of the road.

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A few feet farther, we saw why they were all parked there.

They were happy to make it to Florida. I'm not sure why that guy is going behind the sign. The next convenience store was only two miles away.
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Of course, I had to get a picture of the Georgia sign.

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This part of US 17 is part of the East Coast Greenway.  I think we'll be on it on and off as we head up the coast.

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And my choice for the funniest sign of the day, in front of what was basically a junk shop. Jeanna

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As our friends know, Jeanna is a morning person and I’m not.  Last night when we were reviewing today's route, I asked her to get me up at 7 so we could get an early start to beat some of the heat.  Well, the first thing I’m aware of this morning is Jeanna saying, “Wake up, I overslept and it’s 9AM” By the time we got ready to leave, it was about 10:30.  So much for leaving early to beat the heat!

Just a few miles into our ride, we hit the construction zone that Jeanna mentioned.  For the next 5 miles, I grabbed the center of the lane and having a tail-wind, we kept a pace of 16-20 MPH.  While we had absolutely no problems while in the construction zone, I would really pay for keeping that pace later in the day.

As soon as we got out of the construction zone, we turned north on US-17.  South of I-95, we had heavy traffic with lots of log trucks.  However, we were still in Florida, so we had a good shoulder and the traffic was no problem.

  A few miles north of I-95, we crossed into Georgia.  I would have known we were in Georgia, even if there wasn’t a sign, because for the rest of the day we either had a very narrow shoulder or no shoulder at all.  At least north of I-95, the traffic had dropped off considerably, so having a narrow shoulder was not as worrisome as it could have been.

Because of our late start, it was almost 2PM when we stopped for lunch in Woodbine, GA.  By the time we got on the road again, the temperature was in the upper 80's and we had a stiff headwind.  This is where the ride really got to me.  Between our morning sprint, the heat and the headwind, I was totally beat when we arrived at our hotel.  Jeanna took pity on me and unpacked everything so I could just crash.  After a short rest, a long shower and a good dinner, I finally feel human again.  Still, any day on a bike is a good day, so IT WAS A GOOD DAY!  Kerry

Today's ride: 57 miles (92 km)
Total: 292 miles (470 km)

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