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June 12, 2019

Day 49 Fairfield, CT

No pedaling today!

Today was a true zero day.  After breakfast, we had to take pictures with the metal sculptures outside the hotel entrance.  They are the Papparazzi Dogs.  

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So, here we are posing with the world famous dogs.

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Gail and Jerry took us to the store to restock some supplies. then we toured around the area where they used to live.

This part of Connecticut is very pretty.  We rode along the waterfront and saw the yacht club where they kept their sailboat.  Nearby was this submarine built by local naval architect Simon Lake.  He is most famous for designing the early submarine Argonaut.  This one is the Explorer, built in 1936 here in Milford.

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While we were in town, we stopped for lunch at the deli owned by Jerry's nephew's wife and her sister.  It's appropriately called Sister's Parklane Deli and Comfort Food.  Lunch was good and we enjoyed meeting more of the Cullinan family.

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The Connecticut Audubon Society has a center in Milford focusing on marsh life and shore birds.  They also have a large nesting colony of Purple Martins.  We had a long chat with one of the volunteers working on the gourd nests.  The volunteers track the number of Purple Martins in the colony, count and check on the condition of the eggs and remove squatters from the gourds. They have about 200 eggs this year and expect the first ones to hatch June 17.

The nesting gourds are on telescoping poles.  We watched while the volunteers lowered one of the poles, counted Purple Martin eggs and removed a House Swallow's nest from one of the gourds. 

Purple Martin nesting gourds
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Keith A. SpanglerAre they condos or apartments?
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A view of the marsh at the Audubon Center at low tide. Long Island Sound is in the background.
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We had a good day with good friends.

Zero day smiles!
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