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June 4, 2019

Day 41 Erma, NJ

Welcome to New Jersey???

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The day started out fine.  We had a leisurely morning and headed over to the Lewes-Cape May Ferry about 9:45.  When we got there, there was a line of cars ahead of us.  The traffic backed up enough that the cars turning in from the right were keeping those of us turning left from getting our "turn" to go.  This resulted in an exchange of words between the driver of the black pick-up in front of us and the driver of the black SUV who wanted to claim the next spot in line.  The pick-up driver made a hard fast left and cut off the the guy turning right.  They had a New Jersey-ese discussion of each other's drivng habits.

The drivers of the black truck in front of us and the black SUV waiting to turn right had an exchange of ideas about driving etiquette.
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We got to board first and lean the bike against the side rail. It rode fine there.
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The ferry trip was very nice.  We talked to a bunch of people who wanted to hear about our trip.  We especially enjoyed talking to a group of retired United Airlines flight attendants taking the ferry as part of one of their  girls' get-togethers.  They were obviously a group who know how to have a good time!

Welcome to New Jersey
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Once we arrived in Cape May, we rode around town a bit and then to the Cape May Point State Park and Cape May Lighthouse.  Kerry wanted to climb the lighthouse, but I was ready to get to the motel, so he decided to come back tomorrow.  It's not going to work out that way.

Cape May Lighthouse
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Beach at Cape May Point State Park
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Bunker on the beach. It was built as a munitions bunker in 1942. At that time, it was high and dry, 900 feet from the ocean.
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When we got the the place I had made reservations, the Stockton Inn, they said adamantly no bikes allowed in the rooms.  Kerry couldn't get them to budge.  After an extended and aggravating discussion (in polite English, no New Jersey-ese), we got a refund and left to find another place to stay.  We went to two other older style motels on the beach road that also wouldn't allow bikes in the rooms.  In all our tens of thousands of miles of bike travel, we've never had multiple places refuse us like this.  It doesn't give us a very positive impression of Cape May.  We got online and found a nice little motel just a few miles away that was happy to have us.  

The Reeves Motel, Erma, NJ. Not on the beach or close to Cape May attractions, but simple, clean and has really nice owners. We were happy to find it.
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Keith A. SpanglerGuys, that is amazingly stupid. I'm glad Kerry got the refund and you both went on your way. Their loss! (Hey, I emailed you...can you reply when you get a chance. Thanks)
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We won't spend tomorrow exploring Cape May as planned.  We're going on to our next town, Millville, NJ and spend two nights there.

Today's ride: 42 miles (68 km)
Total: 1,593 miles (2,564 km)

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Michael RuddockNever had this happen either, but always worry that it might. Possibly their policy is the result of a careless cyclist before you.
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