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May 12, 2019

Day 18 Myrtle Beach, SC

Adventures in cycling

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Our wet tour continued today.  We had our fourth rain day in thirteen days of riding.  I thought we would be fine as we had only 34 miles to go and the rain was not forecast to start until mid day.  We got up early and were on the road before 7:30.  That is REALLY early for us, but we decided it worth it to miss the rain.  We got about 17 miles into the ride and the rain started.  We stopped and got the rain gear on ourselves and our panniers.  The rain quickly got heavy.  At this point we were on US-17 with heavy traffic and no shoulder, so we hopped on a wooded bike path adjacent to the highway.  Soon after we got on the path, the lightning got much closer, so we decided  it would be safer to get back on the road and out from under the trees.  It was very difficult riding with the driving rain and lightning and we knew we needed to seek shelter.  Kerry turned off the highway into a residential community and we saw a house with a small brick overhang in front of the garage.  We rode in and got out of the rain.  Kerry went up to the front door, but no one answered the bell.  We stayed there  for about half an hour until the storm passed.

Our shelter - thank you homeowners who ever you are!
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Keith A. SpanglerDid you leave them a calling card? Guys please stay safe, this was a great choice ~ I learned something new!
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1 year ago
It was raining very hard, but it's hard to see in this picture.
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There was a lot of flooding on the roads after the storm. The bike trail we had been on was mostly underwater.
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I haven't remembered to mention the number of days with a view of the ocean recently.  We're up to eight out of our seventeen travel days.  We have a long stretch of ocean view days coming up. - Jeanna

The weather really messed up our plans today.  While Jeanna is in charge of finding lodging, I am generally in charge  of finding attractions to  visit.  Today we were going to stop at the Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk  and cruise around Surfside Beach  to see the sights.  We ended up doing neither.  When we got to Murrells Inlet, we were thoroughly soaked and the roads were still flooded.  By the time we got to Surfside Beach, the roads were starting to dry up, but the sky was getting darker again so we just pushed on to the motel. - Kerry

Today's ride: 34 miles (55 km)
Total: 612 miles (985 km)

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Lou HarminRain is no fun. It is 10.20 right now and raining off and on. I have some errands to run and will surely get wet. lou
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