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August 10, 2016

Controlling the flow

The Ohio River flooded this spring, inundating low lying fields. In fact some western Kentucky farmers have had to plant twice or even three times this year. The town of Sturgis is surrounded by a levee to protect it from high water, almost like a medieval city trying to protect itself from a dangerous enemy.

Gap in the Sturgis levee where US 60 enters the town. Somehow the opening must be sealed (sandbags?) during floods.
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There was an almost constant flow of dump trucks on the road today. We passed near a quarry, which must have accounted for much of the traffic, and there are some highway construction projects going on in the area. Almost all of the drivers were polite and waited until they had a chance to pass us with a wide berth.

Other flows have occurred in this area in the past. We used a road that started out as part of the Saline Trace, an ancient animal trail used by game traveling to salt licks in southern Illinois. The game trail became a wagon trail and eventually a paved road.

Another flow through the area was members of the Cherokee Nation during the trail of tears forced removal to Oklahoma in 1838. A few roadside signs mark the passage.

The Adventure Cycling route we have been following is known as the underground railroad route to mark yet another flow of people (heading in the opposite direction from us).

We are staying for the next three nights in Grand Rivers, located between two mighty dams. Kentucky dam controls the flow of the Tennessee River, forming Kentucky Lake. It was built in the depression as part of the TVA project to control flooding and provide electricity. The second dam is the Barkley dam on the Cumberland River, forming Lake Barkley. Barkley dam dates back only to the 60s.

I always assumed that all of the power generated by the TVA was hydroelectric. In fact no more than 10% is hydroelectric, most comes from coal and nuclear plants. Increasingly gas is likely to replace coal in the mix, but I don't think there are any plans to expand the hydroelectric capacity.

Lake Barkley from our B&B in Grand Rivers.
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Latest member of the B&B staff, rescued last week.
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Our B&B from our B&B. Very relaxing place.
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View from our bedroom. Even the goldfish seem relaxed here.
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It's a dog friendly B&B.
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