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July 7, 2017

Day 71: Sherbrooke, NS to New Glasgow, NS

We had a long ride with no services today. The route was over 55 miles and it was 51 miles to the first place with drinks, food or restrooms. It turned out to be fine. We had plenty of water and snacks and made a couple of roadside stops. If it weren't for the flies, it would have been perfect. I didn't even have to use the "green room".

We had a great breakfast at Beanie's in Sherbrooke. The toast was served with a side of cooked rhubarb just like Kerry's mother and grandmother used to make. It was very good and brought back warm memories as well. It seemed fitting when the owner told us he named the café Beanie's after his grandmother who had lived in Sherbrooke.

Just outside of Sherbrooke, there was a small salmon museum which we stopped in to see. Salmon fishing used to be big in the St. Mary's River, both commercial and recreational. The museum personnel told us the river has changed due to logging and development and no longer supports salmon as it used to. The sport fishing has died in the last ten years. The group which owns the museum is working to restore the river so the salmon can come back. There were displays of fly rods, reels and hundred of flies. It was interesting to see. We also learned that the osprey is the provincial bird of Nova Scotia. We had seen what looked like an osprey nest yesterday, but weren't sure. I guess we were right.

Salmon Museum at Sherbrooke
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Our route today took us northwest away from the east coast.

Another quiet, peaceful road today
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We followed the St. Mary's River for several miles past Sherbrooke. It is a beautiful river and the longest in Nova Scotia. Once we left the river, we rode through green hills and some farms. We saw corn growing for the first time since we've been in Nova Scotia. The green hills morphed into small mountains and we had a couple of long climbs.

St. Mary's River
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St. Mary's River valley
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The hills are lush and green
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Our steadfast friend
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Eden Lake - the community here was called "Garden of Eden"
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We finally finished the 51 miles to the market and went in for our DC and a slice of pizza. That fortified us for the last four miles to our motel. We have a spacious, comfortable room with all the amenities. We'll be here for two nights. Tomorrow, we plan to go to the Nova Scotia Museum of Industry. Heavy rain is forecast for tonight, so that will be good sleeping weather.

Today's ride: 56 miles (90 km)
Total: 2,902 miles (4,670 km)

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