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March 18, 2018

Violet Redemption

Kids may be worth keeping after all

In the quite wonderful buffet on the ferry coming down here, I looked on with concern as a six year old (or so) resolutely refused to eat anything  at all from the large spread.  I knew the parents had spent $12.25 to get him in, and it had me thinking, why not just toss him overboard?  I knew the answer was that he would outgrow whatever his current beef was, and would no doubt end as a fine human being.  And sure enough, before the trip was over, he was sitting on his Mom's lap and happily enjoying some of the many offerings.

This incident came to mind yesterday, as we boldly published the unfortunate image of Violet's approach to her brand new touring bike.

That was then
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 But we are happy to report that there was no nearby water to throw her in to, and by today we could launch on another tack.

Today, we dramatically lowered the seat, significantly lowering the bike's efficiency but much increasing confidence by allowing both feet to reach the ground.  We sent Violet out just with Grandpa (while Grandma went to Avi's soccer practice) eliminating any group dynamics, and we stayed away from crowded bike/walking paths.  The result was that Violet took off, riding the bike up and down hills with no problem at all. She took care to instruct Grandpa on the need to look carefully into any blind alleys and to watch carefully at intersections.

This is now
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Uphill in a low gear
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Finally, she directed us to Coyle's Bakery, one of the few French inspired ones in town. With our "touring bikes" parked just outside, we were finally in the groove. Only thing, Violet then ate my fruit croissant.  There's got to be a body of water I can use around here somewhere!

A true touring cyclist!
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This sign in the bakery window, and in many other shop windows gives us hope.

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Scott AndersonGo, Violet!

Looking forward to following you this spring. And a bit envious - I wish we were leaving now also. The first hint of spring and it feels like time to migrate.
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