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March 1, 2019

The Weather

The weather is a good reliable topic that everyone talks about, so I thought I would pop in this little note about it. Of course the snow and the cold snap have been covered lots by us and others. But the "hook" in this post is the fact that the temperatures are set to moderate. The irony is that they are choosing the day we leave to do it. Look at this:

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Marvin PaxmanIf I'm reading this right, it appears that the historical average differential between high and low is somewhat broader than it is predicted to be as well
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3 months ago
Steve Miller/GrampiesTo Marvin PaxmanThat's how I read it too, but only a meteorologist might have a theory for the current narrow temperature range.
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3 months ago

See the nighttime lows finally rising above zero and above the historical average? But when do they do this?  Yes, March 11, the day we leave for frozen Montreal!

Bonus - one sign of Spring

Lambs are normally born in Spring. That's designed by nature. With beef calves, Spring is the time as well, but that's contrived by the farmer, to match their growth with availability of Spring grass and winter hay. Anyway, we can take this calf along our training route today as a sign of Spring:

Cow shot for Scott Anderson!
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Scott AndersonVery cute, and just the right number. We stand even.
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3 months ago
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