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February 25, 2019

On the Road Again

We had written earlier that 6 degrees was pretty much the lowest temperature that we will voluntarily cycle in. That generated a comment from the Andersons that their figure was more like 4 degrees. 

With all this in mind we have been looking at the snow cover in our area, and the night time low temperatures down to -6, and figuring we were off the road until shifting to Europe, where there are no negatives right now, and daytime highs in Paris have been 18.

But really now, these limits of 6 or even 4 seem at odds with people like skiers, who just put on a warm jacket and go for it at temperatures that can be way negative.  Oh yes, the skiers just have to make one run and then it's hot chocolate in the lodge. But how different is it for us right now? We don't have vast expanses of cold empty highway to deal with.  It's just 15 or 30 kms around and back in front of the woodstove. Right?

So today we put on the warm jackets, and yes, ski gloves, and found that zero can actually be pretty warm. Rain admittedly could make a big difference. But unless it decides to be zero and raining, we are declaring ourselves back in business!

This may look a little cool, but the wood stove is not all that far away!
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Janet Anspach-RickeyWay to go you two!
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3 months ago
Sue PriceJim says "they've got white grass out there now! " 😳
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3 months ago