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March 12, 2019

Bionic Woman Triggers Security Alarm

Dodie has become so accustomed to her repaired knees that she did not think to mention it to airport security. By they were certainly on it, and she triggered all sorts of alarms as she attempted to walk through. With a certain amount of wand waving, they did accept her "lame" story.

On the other hand CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) was clearly trying out a new protocol for the carry on baggage. They were shunting more than half the bags coming through x-ray for hand checking. This caused a long lineup of people waiting to see their bags ripped apart. Also the pile up of bags on carts did not build a lot of confidence for me about my wallet and camera, just lying in the pile.

We asked an agent if this procedure was a new brain wave, and he confirmed it. When we replied that we thought the system needed work, he agreed, saying "It's government, what do you expect!". Clearly they also need some training in what to say to the public.

Manually ripping apart of most bags is a new idea at Vancouver?
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At the Air Transat counter, Dodie confirmed that we would not be flying to Montreal on a Boeing 737-800.  She was concerned about this because two of these planes have crashed in the last month. We think it could be one   for our flight to Paris next week. Unlike some other countries, Canada has not grounded this fleet. (Update: Transat flies the 737-800 not the Max 8. Though similar, these are not the same.) On board, we sat beside a 9 year old who was flying unaccompanied from Vancouver to Montreal. She was a great traveler, adeptly handling her snacks, storybooks, ipod, etc. This greatly encouraged us that grandkids could fly out to Europe to join us for some cycling in a years to come.

The family in Montreal had included in  preparations for our arrival a bit of a European cookie survival pack. They had Belgian cookies, French LU biscuits, and (pushing the European theme a bit) "Black Forest" chocolate marshmallow "Whippets".  This if course is not good for any plan of rational, limited, bakery sampling, but it really reinforced the great feeling of welcome.

The kids, of course, were very willing to help out in actually eating the cookies, and got the ok for the project from parents Josh and Sabrina.

Welcome to Montreal!
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Marvin PaxmanOmygosh! The kids are SO cute! Say hi to Josh and Sabrina for us!
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3 months ago

So here we are back with the Montreal family. Evee has prepared the following primer to show who that all is. We will be trying some bakery and deli research in the coming week, and will be covering that. Then next Monday it's the continuation to Paris.

Evee's account of the family group here.
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Laurie MarczakIs Josh a lion or a piglet?
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3 months ago
Steve Miller/GrampiesEvee says neither, "He's a Papa"!
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3 months ago
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Tricia GrahamHad been concerned you might be on a 737-800 Max8 as Air canada has the most and hasn’t suspended their use.
Getting used to the security going off is something Dodie will need to get used to. When we we flying out of Poland the person at security asked me to pull down my pants and show my scar right there in the security line. I could barely do it as I was laughing so much
Have a great trip
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3 months ago