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May 29, 2017

Clearing my head

"It helps me clear my head," I tell my friends. They think I am crazy, though this trip has little to do with it.

But think about it, it's been a tough year, we've all had them in our jobs, but on a bike trip that all melts away. Instead of the daily grind of missed deadlines, computers that crash, students unhappy about their final grade, and mind numbing reports, this is your mind on a bike trip:

"where am I sleeping tonight? I am starting to feel like a hobo"
"wow cool bird"
"I hope that rattle snake in the middle of the road is dead, uh oh his head just moved"
"I wish I had eaten more at that last town"
"I hope it doesn't rain tonight, my laundry isn't dry"
"I have how many more miles to ride the today?!"
"Why didn't I put in a few more miles before I started this trip, instead of watching reruns of Glee on Netflix?!"
"I'm pooped!"
"That bowl of chili at that last Quicky-Mart was a BAD idea"
"man, my butt hurts"

See what I mean. How can you think about work with all that going on? The truth is, bike trips clear my head.

I have a couple of weeks to kill so a ride seems in order, and since I have never ridden through the Columbia Gorge, well, why not? After that I will keep going for a spell. It might be interesting? I might get back in shape? It might even be fun?

But beyond all that, it's something to do.

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