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January 15, 2020

Parque Camping del Rio Baker

It was pretty cold when we woke up this morning but I still managed to get a bit more birding in before we hit the road.  The ripio on this section is in pretty bad condition with lots of corrugations and is very dry and dusty.  After a short dip down to Lago Betrand the road climbs steeply before becoming a slow poison climb after which is a steep drop into Puerto Betrand.

Lago Betrand with the northern ice field in the background.
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Looking back from the climb up from Lago Betrand.
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Shrine to Gauchito Gil on the descent to Puerto Betrand.
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We stopped into the little village to pick up some groceries and enjoyed a completa at a bus converted into a fast food joint, one of the many on the Carretera Austral.

The stunning turquoise Rio Baker
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Leigh demanded a selfie!
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We followed the Rio Baker - surely one of the most beautiful rivers in the world - until we reached the run down old campsite where we had stayed two years ago.  There was no-one there and the refugio cum reception was locked up but the clean bathrooms with the gas switched on for the showers suggested they were operational.

The campsite is still for sale. Any takers ?
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Sure enough, after our showers, a bus stopped on the road above the campsite and the attendant strolled down to open up the refugio.  An hour or two later he proudly came to show me the entry in the register that I had made two years ago.

One of my memories of this campsite was the good birding on offer and I have had a lovely evening wandering around with my binoculars and camera.

Today's ride: 25 km (16 miles)
Total: 943 km (586 miles)

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