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August 20, 2018


We faced a few challenges today, some for which we were prepared and others which took us a bit by suprise.  The first was finding out that there was no loo paper left in the toilets at the campsite.  This meant there were some strained faces as we avoided any sudden movements while packing up.  We headed down to the first Seicomart in town for breakfast and relief before setting off into the second challenge, which we knew would be facing us.  

This was the wind which was forecast to blow strongly from the south west and did so for the whole day.  The route took us over a two hundred and fourty meter climb but it was mostly a gently gradient.  With the headwind it made for the perfect slow poison.  When we reached the top after about fourty kilometers we knew that the hope of a nice downhill was in vain because we had to peddle like hell into the wind down the other side.

Up to this point we passed mainly through pastures which were strangely devoid of any cattle. 

The cattle on Hokkaido don't like having beer cans thrown at them
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Once we were over the climb the scenery changed with the road being encased in thick natural forest for much of the time - much more attractive.

Leigh approaching the top of the climb
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On reaching the junction with route 40, we checked the map and discovered that there was no town in the vicinity of the campsite to which we were heading.  This meant a ten kilometer detour northwards up route 40 to the town of Onoiteppu where we bought some lunch at the first Seicomart we found and some sandwiches for supper.
Behind the bland Seicomart I found this pretty little garden
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Then it was back down route 40 until we turned off to the Teshiogawa free campsite, neatly located right next to the Teshiogawa Onsen.  After setting up camp we hit the Onsen, which we had mostly to ourselves.  A cold beer from a vending machine at the Onsen was the perfect was to end a good scrub and soak.

Today's ride: 61 km (38 miles)
Total: 625 km (388 miles)

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