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August 19, 2018


Despite the campsite being quite full with weekdn campers last night, it was pretty quiet and we had a good nights sleep.  We took a stroll along the lake shore and then headed off for Esashi, barely thirty kilometers down the road.  The distance between towns had resulted in us having a longer day yesterday and a shorter day today.  The was a strong south westerly blowing but the road was pretty flat to start off with, with a few low hills towards the end of the ride.  It also included a tunnel, only the second we have been through so far.  Today's short ride was welcome because we were both feeling the effects of yesterday's ride - we're obviously not as fit as we felt we were at the end of yesterday!

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The campsite just outside Esashi is pearched on a little point and is quite attractive.  We arrived before noon and after setting up camp we headed off to the local Onsen.  Being afternoon we were able to have a long, relaxed scrub and soak after which we went looking for a laundromat.  We found one with the help of a pleasant young guy at a Seicomart and managed to get the machine working with the help of a couple who were just finishing up with their laundry.  

We had a very early supper at a large department store - a traditional Japanese meal for me with tempura prawns and cold noodles while Leigh ended up with something slightly Italian, although that's not what she had in mind when she ordered!  Then back to the campsite for an early night.

Today's weather was supposed to be pretty good in the morning with moderate rain this afternoon and a little rain tonight.  This morning was excellent (apart from the wind) and although it clouded over in the afternoon, it has yet to rain today.

Today's ride: 40 km (25 miles)
Total: 564 km (350 miles)

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