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August 15, 2018


It started raining early this morning - it has rained every day since we got to Japan a week ago - and it didn't really let up until late this afternoon.  By that time we had pushed on up to Teshio where we hoped to find a hotel or guesthouse for the night because the weather forecast suggested it would be wet and windy.  In the end we had to settle for a campsite, one for which we had to pay although at 500 Yen or R120 it didn't break the bank.  It has a so-so Onsen within walking distance, which we made use of, and a suprisingly good SeicoMart about a kilometer away.  SeicoMarts are not usually the best konbinis but they are the ones most likely to be found on Hokkaido.  This one had a great area in which we could sit and enjoy our supper, a simple pork bowl with a fresh salad which was also good.

The big Shag
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We had a quick stop to look at a big Shag alongside the road, with real fake guano at its feet.  We also stopped for a while in Shosanbetsu to check out the very pretty campsite there.  If things had gone to plan we would have met our friend Siew Yung here a two nights ago.

Shosanbetsu campsite
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The road up here started off slightly inland from the coast and was a series of rolling hills until we got to Enbetsu where we stopped and enjoyed a large lunch of fried chicken and rice at the Mich-no-Eki.  Then we were able to divert off the main road onto a side road next the coast for most of the rest of the way to Teshio.  The wind was from the north east and was a bit of a pain but, with the exception of our first day out of Chitose, we have mostly had favourable winds so we can't complain.

There were quite a few Japanese cycle tourists on the road today, most of whom seemed in quite a hurry.  There are also a few staying at our campsite tonight as well.  One of them (a chap closer to our age than most of the others who seem to be a lot younger) came over and had a good natter with us.  Interestingly, he warned us about bike theft.  We have always felt that Japan is such a crime free country but I guess things happen everywhere.  It seems that everywhere across the world local people feel that crime is out of hand in their own country.

The clearest skies we have seen since arriving in Japan. Hope this lasts through tmorrow.
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Today's ride: 71 km (44 miles)
Total: 352 km (219 miles)

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