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September 26, 2018


I slept well last night - although Leigh says she didn't - and we woke to what looked like a lovely day.  

The little covered area where we spent the night. The sign says "Children of the Kingdom"
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We packed the tent away before the sun was up - it's the polite thing to do - and settled down to breakfast and some work.  Unfortunately, we seem to be in a work-loop that is difficult to break out of at the moment and it is consuming our focus.

Struggling to get Leigh away from work so we can get on the road.
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After we eventually got going, we stopped off at the first konbini on the way to get rid of our garbage.  Unfortunately, they had a sit-down area, so we sat down and worked for more than two hours.  While this was going on, we noticed that the weather seemed to be turning, so we booked a hotel room at a cheap hotel in the next town so we could keep working while the weather was bad.  After and hour or so on the road, we stopped for at another konbini with a sit-down area and work some more to eat up the time until we could check in at the hotel.

I was ruing the decision to take the route along the coast but with the work situation as it is it was probably the right thing to do.  At some point we need to start doing more than just cycling and working.  Tomorrow we hope to head for a campsite on the beach where a day or so of R&R might be good.

Today's ride: 30 km (19 miles)
Total: 2,503 km (1,554 miles)

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