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September 25, 2018


After saying good bye to the affable campsite adminstrator we made our way down the main road and headed off to ... well, we weren't too sure.  We eventually decided we would go to Matsuyama from where we would catch the ferry to Kyushu but the question was which route to take.  The inland route would be much hillier but the coastal route far busier.  We ended up taking the coastal route and it was long and boring day through endless towns on busy roads.

The campsite at Niihama had good reports so that was are planned place to spend the night but when we got there the answer was "campsite closed".  We decided to ignore this and were waiting for everyone to go home when the campsite administrator came over to where we were sitting and made sure we understood that we would not camp in his campsite.

The map showed a park about three kilometers away.  When we got there we found two young guys already camping and busy making their BBQ fire.  There was a covered area so emboldened by the youngsters fire in a park, we setup camp there.

Today's ride: 85 km (53 miles)
Total: 2,473 km (1,536 miles)

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