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August 12, 2018


We woke soon after 4 o'clock this morning.  The sun was already up and it was bright enough inside the tent for us to think that it was much later.  However, donthere didn't seem to be any sign that any locals were using the park for their early morning exercices.  So we lay in bed until after six when we got up to enjoy some of the snacks given to us at the Onsen yesterday after which we slowly packed up and made our way back down into the town.  First stop was at a Lawson's opposite the Mich-noi-Eki for a cup of coffee, then the Mich-no-Eki to clean our teeth before setting off towards Rumoi.

The road was initially through flat farmland again.  We stopped at the little town of Chippubetsu where we climbed the tower in the town square to get a view of the countryside - the first bit of "sightseeing" we have really done because up until now it has been mostly cycling.

Our bikes at the bottom of the tower
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Then it was through the low range of mountains that took us to the coast.  A nice change with a small climb and pretty winding roads. 

Sunflowers - not what I was expecting on Hokkaido
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On entering the town of Rumoi we stopped for lunch at a ramen noodle outlet.  A great change from konbini food.

There was a small climb up to the Kamnuiiwa Park Camping Ground, a great free campsite with an onsen a few hundred meters down the hill towards town.  After setting up camp and resting a bit we rode down to the onsen and had a great scrub and soak followed by an ice cold beer.  A great way to tend the day.

Today's ride: 67 km (42 miles)
Total: 205 km (127 miles)

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