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September 1, 2018

Lake Onuma

After a great night at the ryokan, we had a longish and unexciting day ahead of us.  The plan was to get to Lake Onuma, about thirty kilometers from Hakodate.  This would leave us with a short thirty ride to catch the ferry to Aomori on Honshu the next day. 

Everything went pretty much according to plan, even down to the weather which was beautifully sunny for most of the day.  It was so enjoyable riding without rain that the rather busy and boring road long the coast to Mori didn't matter.

The coastline on the way to Mori
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The volcano at Mori
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At Mori we took a long rest at the michi-no-eki before tackling the climb up to the lake - in the heat of the day.  Fortunately, we found a back road lined with tress that lead us off the busy route 5 and gave us some shelter from the sun.

The park at the michi-no-eki near Mori
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Lost in translation
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Resting at a Shinto shrine on the climb to the lake
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The free campsite on Lake Onuma was pretty full when we arrived but we found a place to set up camp.  While doing that, some young girls came over and pressed-ganged Leigh into helping with their English language skills.  Then it was off to the onsen about three kilometers away.

Our tent squeezed into the rather full campsite
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All in all, a good day's ride.

Today's ride: 93 km (58 miles)
Total: 1,274 km (791 miles)

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