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August 4, 2018

Day 14 - Keep On Grinding

Korat to Nang Rong

Today was gonna be brutal, but might as well get on with it.  If other things are combined with cycle touring it makes for more complications. In this case, I had appointments with some Thai friends who live in this area.  When you're on a schedule and doing cycle touring at the same time it's no fun because something had to give.  It was either a 200+ km day or else take the train part way.

Sleep was awesome in this condo deal and I was really digging Khon Kaen and not exactly keen to leave. But according to my information, the train left at 8am to Korat and I planned to get my bike on it. Only problem was the train station no longer existed.  It appeared they were building a high speed track as a replacement. Later I found out they relocated the train station somewhere south but by then I had given up and was going for the bus. The bus station was another 8km out of town. Putting the bike on was easy peasy and the guy was super chill, he even gestured for me to sit at the back of the bus and sprawl out. It was a blissful bus ride. Soon it was Korat, and I stocked up on some shopping at the Big C and ate lunch while waiting out the hottest part of the day.

Lush pitstops
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Arrival in Nang Rong
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After 3pm there was still 100km to go to reach Nang Rong and I wasn't up for it.  Some days you just don't feel like pushing the pedals, and today was one of them. Instead I just stopped, stopped, and stopped some more at anything I could find. Eventually towards the end I pushed it and found an awesome resort. Nang Rong doesn't have a lot going for it except that it's the jumpoff point to the Phanom Rung temple ruins which I've been to twice before, basically an extinct volcano.

Today's ride: 111 km (69 miles)
Total: 1,074 km (667 miles)

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