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May 29, 2021

Day 1. Clinton to Sedalia. 38 miles.

Here we go! It was 45 degrees in the morning at St. Charles when we loaded our bikes and hear into the trucks and trailers. We were thinking, what??!  

Debi said that she was a little fearful, and Jeff said that this is what they call an "adventure". Definition of adventure is "an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity." Oh boy, that's a definition. She took issue with the word, "hazardous". Who wouldn't?

We met a really cool couple (Kevin and Denise) from Wisconsin that was on a 3-day journey on the Katy Trail. We love meeting new people and we feel like we really connected with them.

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On the way, Jeff figured out that the left their seat pads in the truck. Oh my! We might need to find a Walmart along the way. Haha. 

We started at the Western end in the town of Clinton. There is an old caboose sitting there, and honestly there isn't much to do in Clinton. :) 

The start of the trip in Clinton.
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Here we go and we are ready to start. It is already 1 PM because we had to ride 4 hours just to get here. Oh my.
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We started riding and it was barely 58 degrees in Clinton, and it would get over 60 by the end of the day. They've been having unseasonably colder weather normal this time of year. We were bundled up. 

We parked our bikes in the lobby this older, fairly nice hotel. It seemed kind of strange to us, but oh well.
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The surface is this combination of gravel and sand. This is definitely going to take away from our speed today and make it much harder.
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They had quite a few stops along the way with a caboose in each one. Missouri has really put a lot of work into this trail.
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The first day and having a good time.
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Overall the day was really great, but we need to shed some weight from 

Today's ride: 38 miles (61 km)
Total: 38 miles (61 km)

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