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March 13, 2022

De Ja Vous all over again

Kimberley to Sheffield

Sheffield is only 11ks from Kimberley but we took a rather circuitous route to get there. The Tasmania trail starts in Devenport, so being completionists we rode the 35ks up to Devenport before doing a u turn and taking the mainly off road route roughly back the way we came. We followed the river Mersey for the last bit into Devenport on a spanking new bike path and could barely find a place open for a much needed coffee.

Easy riding along the Mersey but I couldn’t find the ferry.
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The Devenport guns and tattoo parlour has similar entry requirements to the Royal Canberra golf club.
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Cherie Langley😂😂😂 ……. but a bit scary too 😬
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After a short stint on the bike path out of Devenport we hit our first dirt trail. The Tasmania trail markers are supposed to be every kilometre but they are well hidden. Whilst waiting for Steve to retrace his steps we made a coffee and set up our chairs only to be beset by European wasps that seemed to be particularly fond of Magyar blood.   More sandy trails ensued the highlight being Pete telling a story about snakes and then almost running over a tiger snake basking on the track. Not 500 metres further on we almost ran over a blue tongue lizard although by now Pete was telling a goanna story and the moment was lost.

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I have enough trouble with directions without needing confusing signs
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First opportunity for a Tour de France snap
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 Eventually we made our way back to Railton, a town we had ridden through 5 hours earlier. Being only 15km from our destination and rounding that down to 10 using the Cathy Preston technique (similar to the Duckworth Lewis system) meant we were within the requisite distance to have a beer at the seven sheds brewery .

We’ve earned this.
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The next town is Paradise.
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  The  last 10ks (?) into Sheffield was slow uphill drag on an old tram trail. I sweated the pale ale out of me by the time we dropped into the town of murals.

Cradle mountain in the background.
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The shade was welcome.
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Tonight’s the last night in relative civilisation before we starting camping and fending for ourselves. And I think the rains are a coming!

The camera makes my seafood platter look much bigger than it really is. Probably didn’t need the pizza as well.
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Today's ride: 80 km (50 miles)
Total: 169 km (105 miles)

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