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April 17, 2010


My friends Mike and Bernice (see journal Pensacola Peddling) gave me the idea to link from a "regular" web address. It make sense. Telling people who I meet on the road to go to FueledByFood.com is a lot easier than "Go to crazyguyonabike.com, then look for my journal called 'what I did on my summer vacation', which you can search for in the upper right of the home page...or you can search my name and then look for the correct journal on the list of...you also might see it at the top of the page, but it may be on the next page so you have to...". See what I mean?

I started to think of good addresses and Fueled By Food immediately jumped to mind. But, alas, it was taken... Bummer. "Karen Rides Again?" Not bad, but not great. Plus, I learned from my time as an exchange student in England that Karen "Rides" again COULD have a, eeeeer, let's say, different interpretation.

"Fueled By Ice Cream?" Hmmm? No, doesn't quite work; for one thing, I eat other things besides ice cream on tour and I'm a stickler for accuracy. After a while I put the whole thing aside and decided to sleep on it.

A couple days later I was back at Register.com. I tried "Fueled By Food" again. Taken. So I tried another couple of dozen addresses that didn't quite appeal to me or were unavailable, OR were .net, which is less desirable than .com...

Don't ask me why but right before I gave up for the day I punched in "Fueled By Food.com" and to my great surprise, it was available!? Did I spell it right? Yes. Did I spell it wrong the last few times. Highly unlikely, though I will admit my spelling skills are....eeer...well let's say the spell checker is the greatest invention EVER! But still, I think I can handle "Fueled By Food" on my own without the aide of a spell checker.

The only thing I can think is that the registration expired at the very time I was searching. Weird? Or, is it Karma!? I'm going with Karma!

Either way, now it's easier to remember. From now on my current journal will be linked directly from www.FueledByFood.com

Mom, doesn't that make it easier!? :-)

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