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July 28, 2010

Day 54: Vegetables and Ice cream

I've become a vegetable! It was my brother Tom who figured it out...

First, some background. At the end of a "normal" day's ride I have a tendency to let down in the last 10 or so miles. "I'm almost done," I think to myself; but in reality I'm NOT almost done. I have 10 miles more, often hard miles with hills and headwinds and heat on tired legs. So "letting down" just makes it harder, mentally and physically. Since I've figured that out I try to cut those thoughts off at the pass and not let them into my brain.

I think that has happened now with the trip. Last night I was wiped out. It was almost 100 miles, but still. But this morning I woke up a little later, did my laundry and had some breakfast at the hotel, and got a late start. And, since I'm getting tired of drinking gallons of water, Gatorade, or Gatorade wanna-be's I didn't drink enough, and since I'm getting tired of stuffing myself with bananas, and food in general, I didn't eat enough, and it was hot, plus I figured, "I'm almost done...".

My point is, I had a short mileage day (though partly because there was lightning around 4:00pm that I didn't want to ride in), got a hotel, took a shower, crawled into bed and turned on the T.V. Now, mind you, most of the time when I get a hotel I don't even turn the T.V. ON, unless it's to watch the weather channel or the Tour de France.

So my brother Tom called to coordinate his visit to Yorktown when I finish and this is how he figured out that I've turned into a vegetable

Me: " know, I got here, took a shower, crawled into bed and I've been watching 'Billy The Exterminator.' Billy is kind of this punk guy who removed snakes from these people's pond and bees from a golf course and..."
Tom: "What?"
Me: "I started watching and..."
Tom: "Uuuuh, okaaaay. Let's work out the flights..."
Me: "I can't process that right now. For one thing, what day is it? Is it Thursday? Plus, I haven't eaten. Let me get myself out of bed. There is a store across the street. I'll move my legs, not in a circular motion but forward in alternating positions, buy some food, unwrap my computer from it's waterproof trash bags and check on the flights and..."
Tom: "You know, you're becoming a vegetable!"

And I realized that he is right! I think, with only 4-5 days and one ACA map to go I have let down, thinking the trip is over, when I still have hundreds of miles to go! It's just like the last 10 miles of a day, only I've let down for the trip. I stopped stuffing my face with bananas and peanut butter, stopped drinking gallons of crap with sugar that is likely rotting my teeth away, because I'm almost done.

I am looking forward to seeing home again but I still like riding, in fact I'm excited especially about the last 2 days in to Yorktown and's just that, well, I think you get the idea.

But! I still have 4 days (maybe 5) to go and I have to remain in touch with my faculties, so I've decided to employ a new trick. Starting tomorrow I will only eat foods I have not eaten on the trip before (unless it is something I have already bought). Instead of flat bread I will smear the remainder of my peanut butter on cheese nips that I bought tonight. No more bananas. No more Gatorade. No more orange juice! I've had enough of orange juice! I bought little raisin boxes and will refrain from Snicker's bars. No cheeseburgers, fries or raisinettes

Latte's WILL be allowed since I am WAY under my latte quota for the trip and I have only now come to a land with regular coffee shops. And I plan to hunt down a good salad bar tomorrow and stuff myself with vegetables. Also, this morning, when nothing looked appealing, I bought a pint of strawberry Haggan Daz and ate the whole thing. Since that was a first for this trip I will allow THAT, after all, it has all the basic food groups--protein (Milk, cream), Dairy (milk, cream), Fat (cream), carbohydrates (sugar), and fruit (Strawberries). It just might be the perfect touring food?

Oh, and another thing. No more sleeping in a pool of my own sweat in 90 degree heat with no breeze to cool things off or dry anything out after I was sweating in it all night! I only have a few more nights, its indoors sleeping or nothing (church or hotel).

Finally, tomorrow I'm getting an early start. I have to get moving or I WON'T finish in time!

Wish me luck; I got a tour to finish!

Rats! I was hoping to challenge someone to a duel while I was here.
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Lots-a history around here
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Bridge near Ranford
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Today's ride: 44 miles (71 km)
Total: 4,243 miles (6,828 km)

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