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One For the Books

The Last Epic Cycle Tour Before Covid

By Fit Steve
1,475 km (916 miles) over 64 days between Jan. 17, 2020 and Mar. 20, 2020
Something Was Off heart 0

The Game Plan

Setting Up the Cashflow heart 3
The Route and Bike heart 3

The Pre-Trip

Day P1: Leaving Shanghai heart 2
Day P2A: Hong Kong Bank Success heart 2
Day P2B: More Partying in Guangzhou heart 0
Day P3: Travel Marathon heart 3
Day P4: The Covid Suitcase heart 0
Day P5: Heading to Mexico heart 3
Day P6: Mexico Banking Attempt heart 0
Day P7: Rosarito Resort Debacle heart 2
Days P8-13: What Happens in Vegas heart 2
Day P14: Bungled the Border heart 0
Days P15-21: Vancouver Successes heart 3
Day P22: One of the Last Flights Out heart 0

The Thai Biking Adventure

Days T1-5: Decompression and an Unexpected Surprise heart 3
Day T6: No Idea What's Happening heart 2
Day T7: Back to Bangkok I Guess heart 2
Days T8-12: Bangkok Chill Days heart 3
Day T13: Wandering Back to Pattaya heart 2
Day T14: Si Racha to Pattaya heart 2
Days T15-19: Time to Make Life Decisions in Pattaya heart 4
Day T20: Onwards heart 4
Day T21: The Day That Wouldn't End heart 3
Day T22: Crunching a Century heart 2
Day T23: Riding Into Bliss heart 2
Days T24-30: More Life Decisions in Siam Reap heart 1
Get Back or You're Fired! heart 2
Day T31: Meltdown heart 2
Day T32: The Way Out heart 6
Day T33: Swimming Pool Express heart 3
Day T34: Ruined heart 2
Day T35: Barreling Towards Buri Ram heart 3
Day T36: Swimming Pool Musings heart 3
Day T37: Virus Killers heart 5
Day T38: Furnace heart 4
Days T39-40: Regrouping at a Crossroads heart 3
I Wasn't Alone in 2020 heart 3
Days T41-42: The Black Swan heart 1
Day T43: Tales From a Wuhan Escapee heart 2
Day T44: Choose Your Own Adventure Gone Wrong heart 2
Day T45: Foiled by Bureaucracy heart 1
Day T46: Mission - Save the Paratrooper heart 1
Days T47-50: Seeking Professional Advice heart 2
Options Narrowing? heart 2
Time to Act heart 5
Day T51: And Away He Goes heart 3
The Story Ends? heart 6

Hindsight is 2020 Vision