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July 3, 1989

Moncton to Saint-Louis-de-Kent

To my great surprise, I awoke today feeling generally improved.  I coughed quit a bit less during the night and slept better.  I'm not feeling normal yet but I do seem to be on the mend.  Rachael seems to be just a bit off now as well though, with a slight scratchiness in her throat.  Between the weather and the exertions, it's surprising that we're not feeling worse than we are. 

Breakfast at the McCarthy house was less formal and elegant than some of the others - cheerful, warm and casual, it felt like visiting a favorite grandfather.  There were other guests in the house that needed attending to so unfortunately we got less time to visit with him than I would have liked.  It was too bad - when the others arrived for breakfast he was in the middle of a delightful description of his experiences as a tour bus operator in the Canadian Rockies in the 1950's.

(Much later) Well rats!  I never finished writing about this day for some reason, and all I have left are memories for the rest of the day's events.  Unfortunately those memories are pretty sketchy.  I recall that most of the day was really lovely and gentle - mild weather, easy terrain and winds along the ocean most of the way.  This is a rather resorty part of the province - the small towns and villages we passed through reminded me of travelling along Hood Canal in Washington.

I recall that we stopped for a time to lie on the sandy beach beside the road, and that we were entertained the whole time by a flock of terns diving for small fish in the bay.  I also remember that this was Acadian country again, and that we found a roadside stand that sold Acadian dishes.  I have been wanting to try some of these since we arrived in Nova Scotia, but we were never in the right place at the right time until now.  Unfortunately, it wasn't very appetizing.  I had rappie poutine (I think), which is  steamed, rather tasteless potato pastry with a peculiar texture.  My experimentation with exotic quisine on this trip have been less than successful on this trip, considering today's treat and the dulce I sampled down in Nova Scotia.

We spent the night at a newly established campground near Saint-Louis-de-Kent, where we plan to have breakfast in the morning before heading up into Kouchibouguac National Park.  The camp itself was fine, except that there was once more an abundance of mosquitoes.  At least it was fairly quiet and peaceful.  It looked as though it had not really been discovered yet.

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Today's ride: 65 miles (105 km)
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