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July 9, 1989

Montreal to Salem

We awoke early, as we had quite a ways to bike to reach the airport and we weren't sure how long it would take us to get there and prepare for the flight.  The hostess fixed us an early breakfast and we were on the road before 8.

We had to cross the river over the Cartier Bridge, the one we had ridden across leaving the ity.  We had played with the idea of using the subway (an option for bikes on the weekend here) but decided it wasn't worth the hassle.  The ride was fine, much less stressful than our previous crossing.  It was quite exciting to see familiar territory again. 

The first few miles of the ride through the city were the same as we had followed on our first day out; but it was much more peaceful on this sunny Sunday morning than it had been on that damp midweek afternoon.  We found the bike route along the water this time, and had a very pleasant ride nearly all the way to the airport.  It was a shame we hadn't discovered it the first time.  It is a protected, peaceful biking and running path that follows the river and a canal for about fifteen miles.  We were both relieved to have found such an easier traverse of the city this time.

The bike path along the Seaway
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Back at the start again. It still surprises me that our bike bags for the return flight were still hiding in the weeds waiting for us.
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There is little more to say about the last hours of the tour.  Happily, we had no trouble finding the bike bags I had deposited by the side of the road, so we didn't need to buy a new set for the return flight.  And also happily, Pat Mossholder was at the Portland airport to greet us when we arrived home.

Back at the office in Salem, flashing trophies from our first tour.
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Back at the office, the morning after we flew home. This was our usual plan - might as well recover from jet lag on company t8me.
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Today's ride: 20 miles (32 km)
Total: 1,206 miles (1,941 km)

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