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April 8, 2022


The less said about today's ride the better.  I thought I had planned a route that would avoid busy roads as much as possible but it didn't turn out that way.   We had fourteen kilometers on the 8001 which had almost zero traffic but it had mostly a dreadful surface which could explain the lack of traffic.  After that it was wall to wall traffic until the outskirts of Sevilla.

The first part of the best section of today's ride
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And the second part of it.
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We are spending the next three nights at The Spot Hostel, slap dab in the middle of the tourist area of Sevilla.  Basic, particularly when compared to last night's mansion, but it has all we need and is perfectly situated.

The view from the very nice terraza at the top of the hostal.
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Our bicycles being protected by a guardian angel.
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The walls of the hostal are decorated with pictures of a young woman.  I am sure I have seen similar ones before and I am certain the model wasn't Mama Cass but that is whom I am reminded of when I see them.

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Today's ride: 83 km (52 miles)
Total: 491 km (305 miles)

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