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April 30, 2022


It was great to be back in the tent again last night, away from the smells and noises of a packed hostel dormitory.  A Dutch tourist asked me this morning if we hadn't been cold last night but I think the tent was probably a lot warmer than in the dorm. 

We had already decided to yesterday that today would be a rest ride so our target for the day was Requejo, just twenty five kilometers up the N-525.  With today being a Saturday we made sure we stopped off in Puebla de Sanabria, the only real town on the road, to stock up on groceries.  In the villages all the shops shut soon after midday on Saturday and only reopen on Monday.  Finding an ATM to draw some cash necessitated a stiff climb - all three of the town's ATMs are next to each other at the top of a little hill away from the central business area but close to the pubs and restaurants,  an indication that Puebla de Sanabria is quite a touristy town.

The very pretty Castillo de los Condes de Benavente above Puebla de Sanabria. The ATMs are just to the left of the picture.
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Leaving town, after descending the hill again, we came across this pretty little bridge across the Rio Castro.
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Then we headed into a fresh headwind for the last eleven kilometers to Requejo.  Leigh's shoulder was really hurting her and so a short day was a good idea today.  It only hurts when climbing or working into a wind.  She has taken an anti-inflammatory so hopefully that will sort things out.

A nice pilgrim's road marker at the entrance to Requejo.
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We are in one of the village's two albergues for the night.  A number of the pilgrims from the Asturianos albergue are also here.  The walking pilgrims often end up spending many nights together but as cyclists we generally pick up new faces every day.

From here we head for La Gudiña.  By all accounts a tough ride.  We will find out tomorrow.

Today's ride: 25 km (16 miles)
Total: 1,262 km (784 miles)

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