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April 29, 2022


After the excitement of yesterday, we needed today to be a bit quieter and so it was.  We had to be out of the albergue by eight o'clock but with the day starting off at three degrees Celsius we were keen on staying inside for as long as possible.  we eventually left at eight thirty with no sign of anyone keen for us not to be there.  In fact, a German lady was still there when we left and she looked far from being ready to hit the road.  Still, with it being such a great albergue for only five Euros per night per head we didn't want to abuse the local municipality's hospitality.

Today's road was the N-525.  Dead quiet with hardly another road user to bother us.  It was mostly a gentle pull up from Santa Marta de Tera to Asturianos and with no wind and clear skies it was a great ride if one could ignore the biting cold for the first half of the ride.

The N-525. Nice shoulder and no traffic.
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After about thirty kilometers, with the day warming up and a slow but steady hunger building we stopped in at a bar/cafe in Mombuey.  Egg and bacon is something for which I had suddenly developed a craze and so we had an early lunch of egg (only one), bacon (four enormous rashers), a grilled pepper and chips (french fries to some of you) served with a bowl of fresh pan and a glass of orange juice.  As much as we always get into the food of any country we are visiting at some point we end up wanting something that takes like home, even if only remotely so.

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At this point we thought we would just keep riding on to Puebla de Sanabria, another twenty five kilometers further on but by the time we got to Asturianos we decided to stick to our originally planned destination for the day.

The municipal albergue, housed in the local sports cum community centre, turned out to be pretty full.  So we have pitched the tent (for free) in the picnic area next to the building.  We have use of the ablution facilities as well as the wi-fi so what we essentially have is wild glamping.

Our digs for the night.
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We're not sure where we will head for tomorrow but we probably need an easy day at some point.  Leigh's left shoulder was cramping for the last fifteen kays today and my legs were quite happy for us to call it a day in Asturianos.  We have done a bit more distance than usual over the last seven days, including some stiff hills and some rough terrain, so a break wouldn't be out of place.

Today's ride: 47 km (29 miles)
Total: 1,237 km (768 miles)

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