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June 6, 2022


I couldn't get away from the over priced ripoff that was last night's accommodation fast enough.  We were the first people at breakfast this morning.  In fact, they had to unlock the doors to let us in.  To top it off they charged us ten euros for our simple breakfast of two slices of toast with tomato, two small bottles of orange juice and a coffee.

The first fifteen kilometers was a long slow uphill into a fresh headwind.  The road varied between periods of quiet to periods when convoys of heavy duty vehicles would rush past us.

The top of the climb. Flat and not much of interest to see.
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Then a helter skelter downhill towards the town of Fraga.  Just before Fraga the road split with all the traffic heading onto a toll road which left us on our won until we reached the town itself.  We had a quick second breakfast before tackling the climb out of the city.  As pretty and peaceful as the city itself was, its industrial area through which we now had to ride was pretty awful.  

The climb out of Fraga. Just about to enter the industrial area.
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From here there was a service road alongside the toll road that took us all the way to Alcarràs.

Alcarràs was just as peaceful as Fraga.  It turns out that today is Whit Monday, a holiday in this area.  This meant that the cafes and bars were doing brisk business and all the supermarkets were closed.  Except the tienda china and the tienda paquistaní, so we were able to stock up on a few things.

In contrast to last night, tonight's digs is just over the half the price we paid yesterday and everything that we would have expected last night but didn't get.

Today's ride: 41 km (25 miles)
Total: 2,583 km (1,604 miles)

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Scott AndersonWe’ll, that’s three reports today. Jackie and Al in Italy and ourselves in France are all experiencing Whit Monday, a holiday we’d never heard of before.
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2 years ago
Jean-Marc StrydomTo Scott AndersonIt turns out that it was, coincidentally, the June Bank Holiday in the UK too.
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2 years ago