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January 3, 2019

A quick one hour ride before leaving.

It took significant negotiation for me to get a one hour ride this morning. Who would think Jacinto would want to get up and going early? It’s a 12 hour drive home and Jacinto has to be to work at 4 AM Saturday. We are going to break the drive into two days. Really, there’s time for a ride today. We are also meeting Steve for breakfast as dinner last night didn’t work out. I have to go back and fill you in on Jacinto’s hike a bike trek through the dirt.

I had a nice, quick ride down the bike path. I saw one other cyclist and several homeless people trying to warm up in the sun. I saw a road runner. That was my third road runner sighting. I didn’t even try to take a photo, they are quick. Steve says during the summer it’s a chore not to hit them, they are so thick.

I semi jokingly told Jacinto we should call in sick for the next week and ride here more. He was horrified. But I sure would have made the call if he had agreed. I think a month in arizona every winter would be a great remedy for cold Colorado!

This evening -

We are in Bluff, Utah tonight. I have a new Choice credit card that I get points on. I had enough points for a free room tonight, so we did that. After I signed I asked the clerk what the room would have cost. $28.50. ! ! ! I thought I heard wrong. No. Shoot. Double shoot. We could have paid cash for that and saved the points for another time. $139. is the price for when we are back here in June. She said to always check the internet and call the motel both to make sure to get the best price. That is the same thing they told me at the Starr Pass Quality Inn. Once the room on the internet was cheaper and once it was more expensive. But I never thought to get a giant room like this (with a sofa and table/chairs) for $28.50. Live and learn.

It’s 33 degrees now and warming to 60. It’s a perfect riding day. Take advantage of you can.
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The final Selfie of the trip with A Mountain in the background.
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Today's ride: 11 miles (18 km)
Total: 373 miles (600 km)

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