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December 25, 2023

12/25/23 Christmas in San Ignacio

My intent had been to ride to Santa Rosalia today, but there was such stiff headwind that instead I stayed another day.  For both the company and my budget, I pitched my tent at a nearby campground where the other cyclists were staying. 

I joined Anna and Eduard for a turkey dinner at the only open restaurant in town. Both the turkey and the wine were very good
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A group of Korean engineers, working at a nearby power plant, were at the restaurant as well and became interested in my bike. At one point there were about six people clustered around, cranking the pedals and spinning the wheels
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After dinner we bought another bottle of wine and drank it while playing checkers in the plaza. I won, of course. I also got the most points when we played hearts later
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Karen PoretThe three “c’s”..cookies, crackers, and checkers..:)
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