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12/09/23 There and back again

Didn’t get far
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The PedWest entrance that was so bright and welcoming last night was shut tight and access blocked when I rode up this morning. A hand written sign said it would be open from 3 to 11 PM. Hmm. No problem, PedEast wasn’t far so  I got in line, made my way to the immigration desk and asked for a six month entry permit please. The official shuffled around looking for papers and eventually said he could only do a seven day.  If I wanted a a six month permit I’d have to go to PedWest, which I pointed out was closed.  He assured me it would be open on the Mexican side and cheerfully sent me over to customs and onto the streets of Tijuana. PedWest was closed, of course, and with nobody around to ask questions. I briefly considered just continuing without a permit, since never in my previous visits have I been asked to produce it. But I needed the peace of mind and decided to cross back into the US, wait until three and come back in at PedWest. 

Gag. It took me five hours to get across the border, standing and what from the distance look to be a mass of humanity, but was really a very orderly line of people snaking back-and-forth with complete politeness, except for the occasional sociopath. By the time I got to the front I had learned that the PedWest closure was completely unexpected, causing chaos and confusion for all the residents of Tijuana who work in San Diego, and their employers, and is not scheduled to be opened at any time in the foreseeable future. 

Tired, hungry and completely unimpressed with my day, I went back to my motel and booked another night.  

Ped East entrance not as pretty as Ped West
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The crowd of people in the trees on the right are the line to enter the US
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About 4 hours to go at this point
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Today's ride: 5 miles (8 km)
Total: 33 miles (53 km)

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