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February 3, 2024

02/03/24 defeated by the wind in Irimbo

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My plan was to reach the town of Angangueo but that didn’t happen. The air is nice at this elevation, but today there was too much of it, and all in my face. Uphill against a consistent 15 mph was tiring enough, but the gusts at twice that are what ground me down. With my frame bag I present a lot of surface for the wind to push against and it was a noisy struggle which I decided I didn’t need to endure, so I didn’t. 

I’m heading in the right direction
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Strong headwinds today
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Extensive road work in progress. This, plus the wind, sapped all the joy from today’s ride
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However the scenery was pleasant enough
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Egrets following the tractor
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Happy to again have a camera that can catch them
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Bricks and tiles for sale all along this road. This is one of many
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Tired of fighting the wind, I quit early at the first, and only, hotel between Maravatio and my intended destination of Angangueo. This is just outside the town of Irimbo, but I don’t plan to visit. I’m content to sit in my room and listen to the wind while I read my Kindle and binge watch Griselda
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Today's ride: 15 miles (24 km)
Total: 1,677 miles (2,699 km)

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