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September 23, 2023

Day 7

Farron Station to Christina Lake


The next morning, we met a party of three bikepackers (Irene, Lisa , Brad) from the University of Lethbridge, just as we were leaving. The first thing they asked us was how we planned to get past the huge landslide that blocked the trail near Paulson Pass. This was a gross overestimation of our planning efforts; we hadn’t given it any thought at all. Luckily for us, they had done their prep and had reserved a shuttle van to pick them up at a highway crossing, and deliver them to Christina Lake. There was room for two more, so we tagged along.

The shuttle is operated by Wildways Adventure (, a bike and kayak store in Christina Lake. The shuttle can carry up to 14 people, bikes, and bags and was in use several times per week,  all summer, to ferry riders past the landslide. It can be hired for other destinations too. Cost for the detour was $90 for the trip, shared among however many passengers happen to be riding that day. (Our friends wouldn’t let us contribute to the cost, so we donated our share to the trail repair fund.)

Loading the shuttle van at Paulson Pass.
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Survivors of a previous expedition may recognize this gas station. We camped behind it for a week while we removed a Subaru engine, changed a rear oil seal, then reinstalled it. Hi John.

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Same gas station, 1989. (Photo by Louise - she was on that trip too.).
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We found a nice campsite in Christina Lake, complete with shower, heated outdoor pool, etc. Ominously, Louise was feeling unusually tired and had no appetite. 

Our modest campsite at Christina Pines Campground.
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Today's ride: 7 km (4 miles)
Total: 223 km (138 miles)

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