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March 19, 2023

Escape from Palermo!

To Castellammare del Golfo

I didn’t take a lot of photos today; it just wasn’t that photogenic a day.   I did stick my phone out the window of our room:

The church across the street is open for Mass this morning
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Building addition, Palermo style. See the glass wall at the top?
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Keith AdamsThat's quite a jarring departure from the rest of the local architecture, isn't it? But it sure looks like it would be bright and sunny and cheerful space.
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1 year ago
Jacquie GaudetTo Keith AdamsThe buildings here have been modified and added onto for centuries. That’s why the city is still so lively (though too chaotic for these Canadians).
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1 year ago

A few photos I wished I’d been quick enough to take:  at a particularly chaotic intersection, the sign advertising complete funeral services for 2200€; the traffic jam at the entrance to a cemetery around 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning; the sign  telling us we were officially out of the craziness of Palermo; the sign for a place called Bar Lume with the same name and logo as the Bar Lume in the TV show of that name, which is set on the coast of Tuscany near Pisa but filmed on Elba (we visited the site last year

We picked up some lunch supplies at a Conad grocery in Cinisi and finally found a place to sit down and eat it in Trappeto, a village that’s trying very hard to be welcoming to residents and visitors. 

Lunch spot, Trappeto
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Rachael AndersonGreat picnic spot!
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1 year ago

Back on our bikes, we found a few challenges but were quite happy to discover that the bridge that had been washed out has been replaced, temporarily I think, given that its elevation is quite a bit lower than that of the old bridge and its alignment is different. In any case, no need to detour on the much higher Viadotto San Bartolomeo. 

It started as an unpaved road along the beach, but deteriorated to this for about 150 m. Then, where it should have continued into Balestrate, it became one-way in the other direction. Luckily there was an escape route without much backtracking.
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Keith AdamsThat would make for tough sledding indeed!
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1 year ago
Jacquie GaudetTo Keith AdamsAt least it was short!
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1 year ago

Past the innocent-looking river, there was a sign about roadworks ahead and possibly a road closure (we never know for sure when we’re trying to decipher Italian road signs) but it turned out to be passable if you were on foot or on a bicycle. 

There’s a path for pedestrians just left of the orange fencing, below the dirt bank. We rode through.
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Rachael AndersonI’m so glad you let us know we could get through! I was racing ahead of Scott to get to our hotel because we were later than we expected to be.
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1 year ago
Jacquie GaudetTo Rachael AndersonGlad to be of service!
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1 year ago

Just a few wrong turns in town before we found our B&B.  The last 30 metres are always the hardest!

Note to self:  it may be only March but it’s sunny here in Sicily. Use sunscreen or you will get burnt!

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Today's ride: 72 km (45 miles)
Total: 102 km (63 miles)

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