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December 11, 2020

Bring Back the Heat!

We're back at the Parker Dam today as it's one of the few spots that cross the Colorado River.
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We were hoping to see some wild burros but maybe they don't come out during the day?
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We did see plenty of burro droppings at the day use areas we stopped at.
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Don spotted this big horn sheep that was high upon a cliff above us.
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Sunset on the Colorado River at River Island SP.
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We were rudely awakened at 5:30 am this morning with flashing lights and a big BOOM. What the???!!! It was just the trash company emptying the dumpster next to our site. Since we were already awake, we went ahead and got up.

It had been much colder overnight with temps in the 40's and this morning it felt very humid. I guess that's because we're right next to the river. It was cloudy and cold outside so we stayed in the trailer after breakfast, watching some dance instruction videos while we waited for it to get warmer. We hope to teach ourselves some new moves.

By noon it had finally warmed up enough to ride. Although the thermometer on our trailer read 67 degrees, it remained cloudy and still felt chilly out to me with the humidity.

We rode north back over the Parker Dam to the California side and followed that road south to a side road that we had noticed the other day that veered off northward. It followed a drainage up a narrow scenic canyon. 

We gradually climbed for a couple of miles until it got steeper, then turned around. We're not sure how far it actually went but think that it did eventually dead end. 

There wasn't much traffic which was nice and it was interesting seeing wild palm trees intermingled with golden leafed cottonwoods. Isn't this supposed to be December?! It sure looked fallish to me.

When we got back to the river road, we turned south again, and rode a few miles south to a day use area that had a potty and picnic table where we could have our lunch. Back on the bike we did spot a big horn sheep high up on a cliff above us. That was neat to actually see some wildlife!

On our way back to camp we rode through a large private RV "resort" along the river that was directly across from River Island State Park,  just to check it out. 

It wasn't too appealing of a place. While there were sites on the water, they were crowded together and there was lots of gravel with few trees. No thanks. We'll stick to our smaller state park!

Back in camp we took hot showers to warm up and relaxed outside in what sunshine that there was today. We did dance a little later until it was time for dinner with a movie. Not too exciting of a day! Hopefully tomorrow will be sunnier and warmer.

Today's ride: 17 miles (27 km)
Total: 59 miles (95 km)

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