Day 3 - Leo Carrillo to Redondo Beach 46 mi - Jack and Janet - Santa Barbara to San Diego - CycleBlaze

May 11, 2012

Day 3 - Leo Carrillo to Redondo Beach 46 mi

46 mi today.....hit the wall!! Better now.

We anticipated today being mosty flat and easing riding. Well it was
and it wasn't!! We didn't eat our usual oatmeal breakfast just a
banana, 1/2 an avocado ea and a fiber one bar. I was hungry for eggs
and protein so we thought we would catch something just up the road as
we were heading into Malibu....wrong - wrong.

The first 15 mi had 4 hills that were at least a mile long and from
0-500'ish ft. So there went the flat part. Then we didn't find any
food until mile 12 but it was like a mall and we were thinking more funky
beach house food. So we kept going....we were so wrong again.

Finally about mile 25 we just stopped by the side of the road and ate some
tuna and chips. By now I have had two bottles of water and feeling a
little not fine. We continued on through Santa Monica, then Venice
beach and we only spot these chain beach dives which didn't look all
that interesting. So on down the road we went.

By now the heat/sun off the sand and the winding of the bike trail and
I are not mixing...I am actually nauseous - we poured more water down me and I put on music and finally made it to Redondo Beach. We are in a Best Western..just sat in the hot tub which was 15 feet from the laundry room so we did our laundry. I have had about 40oz of fluid and am feeling better. Going to dinner.

Just back from dinner and it was really good...sea food place. It was
our anniversary on Tuesday (3rd) so we celebrated tonight with a very
nice dinner. In fact this entire trip is a celebration of our anniversary.

Flower of the day...Leo Carrillo State Park think it is a mustard weed.
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Karen PoretYes, that indeed is mustard! Hold the mayo ;)
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7 months ago
All I could think of was 'shut your pie hole'.
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No Janet there are no hills today and if so this is the last one! NOT
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We were ready to eat this guy!
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The only place to stop by the road in prepared to go a long ways w/o any resting place. Only private homes. We found one public access spot and it was taken by construction vehicles...has anyone besides us noticed that the better neighborhoods always seem to have construction going on...must be noisy.
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Karen PoretWelcome to Southern California!
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7 months ago
The Getty Beach Villa...not to be confused with their mansion inland.
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The Getty Villa view.
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This mobile home park has a little better view than ours! A Malibu hill top.
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Karen PoretMaybe a better view…until it starts raining! ( then, your view will be from the bottom looking up!)
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7 months ago
Janet...putting her music on to get across the desert sands.
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No..this is not the public restroom at the State Park.Best Western Redondo Beach.
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Today's ride: 46 miles (74 km)
Total: 120 miles (193 km)

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